Is Your Current Website Performing for You?

A well designed website:

  • Appears in the top 10 listing of search engines
  • Incorporates the latest technological advances
  • Meets all your expectations

If your website is not doing all of the above, we can design one for you that will! Services

Once you have clean, valid (X)HTML and maintain appropriate Web standards, with the principle of progressive enhancement, you’ll possess a website that is more easily found and more easily used. Add to that Dynamic Serving + Responsive Web Design, the hottest new Web feature, which ensures that your content is read and enjoyed just as easily on a smart phone as on a desktop computer. That’s exactly the type of site MasterPiece Studioz creates each time.

  • Eye-catching design
  • Personalized web content
  • A website that is easily found
  • Website updating and promotion
  • Search engine optimization to secure high search engine rankings
  • Clean, valid (X) HTML, using appropriate Web standards
  • NewAnimation – A Great Way to Gain the Attention of Your Visitors
  • Resposive Web Design
  • NewThe Best Mobile Friendly Website – Dynamic Serving
  • Specialized marketing expertise for e-commerce clients

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Strong Search Engine Optimization to Get You on Top

Effective “organic” search is critical for obtaining a page one ranking. With your website optimized throughout and with top quality content, you will have the opportunity to attain a high ranking.

Timothy Wu, Google and CIW Certified Master Web Developer, creates websites that draw visitors. The key is knowing how to optimize your website with correct keywords and with pages that search engines can read and index in an optimum way. We will optimize your site for the top ten search engines, which account for 95% of all searches.

While no one can promise you a top ten placement, by tweaking the site in special ways, we can assure you that your site will appear much closer to the top than had we not inserted dozens of features that make a tremendous difference. By starting with a highly optimized site, and adding web analytics, we can take you to an even higher return on investment for your site.

More infomation on Market Your Website and Advanced Web Information

Web Hosting:

We offer robust shared and dedicated web hosting packages that support:

  • ASP.NET and MVC
  • CloudLinux
  • ColdFusion
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • DNN
  • Perl
  • XML
  • CGI and more
  • Also Domain Registrations!

Our reliable and secure shared Windows hosting plans provide customers with the latest technologies, platforms and including real-time Control Center management


Taking Your Web Site To A Whole New Level Through Web Analytics and Internet Marketing Savvy

Web analytics shows you how visitors actually find and use your site, so you’ll be able to:

  • Make informed site design and content decisions
  • Improve your site to convert more visitors into customers
  • Track the performance of your keywords, banner ads, and other marketing campaigns
  • Track metrics such as revenue, average order value, and ecommerce conversion rates

Web analytics can help you answer important questions about your site and your marketing initiatives, such as:

  • How are visitors using my site?
  • How can I make my marketing campaigns more effective and accountable?
  • Is my content effective?
  • Where are visitors abandoning their shopping carts and where do they go afterwards?
  • How can I improve my site navigation and help my visitors get more out of the site?

Web Analytics Installation, Analyzing, and Reporting

Until recently, web analytics was a powerful tool reserved for large companies. Now we can offer this powerful tool to small- and medium-size organizations that want to continually improve the impact of their website. Our web analytics tools enable you to determine how well your site engages visitors. You’ll be able to assess your return on investment and you’ll know if it’s achieving your marketing and revenue goals. Web analytics tells you precisely what’s working and what’s not working. More!

Website Testing and Optimization

Through website testing you can quickly and easily make data driven decisions to make your content and site design more powerful. More!

Internet Marketing

Masterpiece Studioz will help you select the Internet marketing tools that will give you the greatest return on investment. Such a strategy is typically based on search engine marketing, online advertising, organic and paid marketing, social media, email marketing, and branding. We offer marketing solutions with measurable results. More!

But I own a little neighborhood cafe, do I need a website?

Even small business owners want to increase profits. A simple single page website listing your location and hours of operation can bring new customers to your door. Also, you could post daily specials and include graphics that will make customers mouths water! Services

map toolFlash Map Tool, Find our location and test out a new technology that may benefit you.

Animation – A Great Way to Gain the Attention of Your Visitors by Animation Library.

“Delicious” Link Library, the very best links will be offered with a click and no maintenance or writing.

Internal Site Search, Enable visitors to find exactly what they are looking for through an internal key word site search tool.

Improve the Enjoyment of Visits Through a Season Switcher Try out our new feature—Season Switcher™. The mood of your site can be changed with a simple click. Your visitors will enjoy it. On the far right side click on the season selector and then select any of the four seasons. Notice how you instantly view the season you’ve chosen. More detail.

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