Market Your Website

Marketing your web site is a never ending process. We work hard to make your website findable and we use a prioritized approach to make that happen. Once users find you, we make it easy for them to find their desired content.

Findability Techniques

We use findability techniques that:

  • Make it easy for folks find your website
  • Once they arrive, help them find what they seek
  • Encourage return visits

Together we’ll evaluate your unique goals and develop a findability strategy that enables you to reach your desired audience. Prioritizing our techniques will enable us to focus on the things that will provide the greatest impact for your site.

The number one factor leading to strong findability is the creation of well-written original content that is relevant to your audience. The second factor requires identifying the keywords and placing them strategically within your markup. You will also work hard to obtain inbound links to promote your site on other sites.

The process of marketing your website will be ongoing. What works today may not work tomorrow. The key words that deliver lots of traffic today, may not have the same power in the future. You may need to add new content that demonstrates you are up to date in your industry. New technologies and methods will become the new standard of a successful and up to date website. While you may not need to become the earliest of adopters, you’ll want to know what technologies and methods are producing real impact in the marketplace.

To learn more about how we will work together to create a website that draws traffic and continues to draw traffic in the future, read about our “prioritized approach” which is implemented in three steps. Then read about the importance of “web analytics,” a powerful set of tools that enable you to increase the value of your website.

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