Materpiece Studioz creates websites ranging from basic to complex. We can produce a highly functional website for just about any budget.

Each website we create is scalable because we utilize Progressive Enhancement techniques. So, if your budget is tight, we’ll create an effective website that pleases your visitors and keeps them coming back. Then, when you can afford a little more, we’ll add valuable features that build on what has already been designed and programmed.

Our more advanced websites utilize the latest technology, with new technologies added to existing websites as appropriate. We keep you aware of new technologies that could add valuable functionality to your site.

Each site is unique in form and function, so we will sit down with you to formulate a suitable price based on your budget and expectations.

Our hourly rate is $95 per hour, with the initial appointment provided at no charge.

Our website is full of useful information which will help you understand the value of different features. You’ll also be invited to visit some of our sites which demonstrate the features in action. This will give you a good sense of their value.

Then, once you’ve strolled through our site and added a bit to your knowledge, give Timothy Wu a call and arrange for a consulting meeting. You’ll find the visit relaxing, interesting, and valuable. You’ll learn a lot, not only about websites, but also about Internet marketing and how you can maximize your “reach.”

Once Timothy understands how you intend to utilize your site and what your goals are, he’ll put together a proposal that will achieve your expectations at a price you can afford. We make every effort to ensure our quote is well within your budget, while also producing a website you’ll be proud of and which produces results.

Our clients enjoy working with us and they appreciate our ability to keep them ahead of the technology curve.

We think you’ll value a long-term relationship with Timothy Wu and Masterpiece Studioz.

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