Prioritized Approach Guide lines

As your website developer we’ll take many actions to maximize visits to your site. We help you prioritize by defining a multi-tiered list of techniques to reach your target audience. The key techniques include:

Step 1

  • Create well written, original content that fills a niche and is relevant to your audience
  • Research target keywords and place them in strategic locations within your markup
  • Use semantic, standards compliant code
  • Meet accessibility guidelines to ensure content is legible to search engines
  • Create predictable, search engine friendly URLs
  • Create inbound links where possible and promote your site on other sites
  • Notify major search engines of your sitemap file
  • Create custom 404 pages to get users back on track
  • Create an HTML sitemap page to help users and search engines navigate your site
  • Ensure JavaScript and Flash content do not present roadblocks to search engine indexing
  • Analyze your traffic and find ways to increase it

Step 2

  • Add a local search engine to your site
  • Use microdata format to make content such as events and contact info portable
  • Create a blog that notifies major ping services of new content
  • Syndicate content with RSS feeds where possible
  • Promote viral exchanges of your content
  • Optimize site performance for efficient indexing

Step 3

  • Utilize web analytics to strengthen the experience of visitors and keep them coming back
  • Build and utilize a mailing list
  • Enhance your brand through online marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing
  • Consider creating Google AdWords, MSN Bing, and Yahoo advertising campaigns to create immediate traffic
  • Promote your site offline with print, television, and radio advertising, and use web analytics to determine what produces the best return on investment
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