Web Analytics – Know Precisely How Your Website is Doing

Our web analytics tools enable you to determine how well your site engages visitors. You’ll be able to assess your return on investment (ROI) and you’ll know if it is achieving your marketing and revenue goals.

Most people are using web as a benchmark: how did we do yesterday, and how are we doing today? Smart people are actually analyzing to optimize their website. The advanced people are using Web data to optimize all of their marking.

-Jim Sterne, founding director and chairman of the Web Analytics Association

You Have a Website, But How’s Your Traffic?

You’ve invested in your website, now make sure it’s working for you. Only web analytics can tell you whether it is. Masterpiece Studioz will install web analytics tools on your website, monitor the data produced, and show you how to analyze the data. You’ll learn where your website is working and where it’s underperforming.

Based on the data you can continuously improve your site. Next, watch the results. There is no guessing. Web analytics produces hard data to show you exactly what you need to do to draw visitors, keep them there, and keep them coming back.

Web Analytics, a Tool Previously Available Only to Large Corporations

Web analytics is a tool that lets you check and monitor your online health. You’ll know what your visitors are experiencing. On many sites, visitors come to the home page or another page, and are gone in less than a minute, without visiting any other pages on the site. Knowing this and dozens of other pieces of information is the first step in making sure your website is producing a solid return on investment.

But My Site has Excellent Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is essential, but it cannot replace the information provided by web analytics.

Web Analytics Provides a Wealth of Valuable Information

  • How to convert more visitors to customers
  • How many daily visitors you receive and how they find your site
  • Track metrics such as revenue, average order value, newsletter signups, page downloads
  • Your average conversion rate (sales, registration, download, and so on)
  • Your top-visited pages
  • The average visit time on site and how often visitors come back
  • The average visit page depth and how this varies by referrer
  • Do visitors stay or simply bounce off after visiting a single page?
  • Who your top referrers are
  • The revenue your site is generating
  • The value of a web page
  • Whether the site is engaging your visitors
  • What key words are working best
  • Track visitors from search engines, display advertising, pay per click advertising, email marketing, and links within PDF documents.
  • The geographic distribution of visitors and what language settings they are using
  • And many, many more

Know if Your Website is Delivering Results

If your website is an important part of your business strategy, then website measurement is critical to that strategy. The more valuable your website is to you, the greater the significance of measuring your ROI, and using Web measurement tools is the only way to know. Such tools can identify growth opportunities and measure efficiency enhancements.

Because of the great improvements of web analytics over the past two years, even small- and medium-size organizations have affordable access to world-class analytics tools that can strengthen your continuous improvement process.

Three Key Tasks You Must Address When Performing Web Analytics

  • Measure quantitative and qualitative data
  • Continuously improve your website
  • Align your measurement strategy with your business strategy

With an E-commerce Component, You’ll Want to Know

  • The revenue your site is generating
  • Where your customers are coming from
  • What your top-selling products are
  • The average order value of your top-selling products

Deeper Analysis Leads to Seeking More Specific Data

  • What is the value of a visitor and how does this vary depending on where they came from?
  • How do existing customers use the site compared to new visitors?
  • How do visits and conversions vary by referrer type or campaign source?
  • How does the bounce rate vary by page viewed or referring source?
  • Is my site engaging with visitors?
  • Is my internal site search helping or hindering conversions?
  • How many visits and how much time does it take for a visitor to become a customer?

As you more fully understand the power and value of web analytics, your mind will begin racing as you consider all the improvements you want to implement, making your website a more valuable part of your business.

To succeed on the Web, you need to continually refine and optimize your online marketing strategy, site navigation, and page content. Your refining and optimizing includes assessing how your offline marketing such as press releases, newsletters, flyers, brochures, and other communications, interact with your website. People are often surprised to learn that the success of a newspaper advertisement or a flyer left on people’s porches can be tracked through web analytics.

A low-performing website will harm your ROI and your brand. You need to know what is performing poorly once a visitor arrives. Web analytics provides the tools for gathering this information and enables you to benchmark the results.

Web analytics are tools and cannot tell you why visitors behave the way they do, nor how to improve their experience. For that you must invest time in report analysis and in testing your site.

Masterpiece Studioz will produce your reports and teach you how to analyze the data in order to improve the effectiveness of your website.

You may need to employ multiple tools to gain the desired insights. These include the use of surveys, customer ratings, and feedback, as well as offsite analytics measurement of blog comment and social network mentions.

Knowledge without action is useless. Web analytics will give you the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about changing your online presence for the better.

Action Based Analysis

Well analyzed web analytics can provide great insights regarding what is working and not working on your website. The analysis may lead to changing your online strategy to meet strategic goals. Your subsequent analytics reports will tell you if your actions are succeeding.

Reducing Bounced Visitors is Crucial

High bounce rates dramatically reduce the value of your website. This can mean that 60% or more of your visitors arrive at your home page or another page, and then quickly leave without having visited any other parts of your website. This is especially frustrating and costly if you are using pay per click marketing. It is difficult to achieve any of your marketing goals with a high bounce rate. Web analytics can help you identify the causes of a high bounce rate and will suggest actions that could significantly reduce the bounce rate.

Testing Solutions to Website Problems Produces Better Websites

Web analytics will identify where you have problems, but the solutions are seldom obvious. You optimize your website by testing different solutions. By displaying the potential solutions to visitors in real time, you measure which one creates the best result. In other words, you make a change that you hope will increase the number of web pages visited and the length of time on the site, then you test to see if it works. Many assume that testing is difficult, expensive, and too time consuming. In reality, today’s tools are easy and inexpensive to use.

Masterpiece Studioz has the knowledge and experience to utilize web analytics to help you strengthen your Web presence and your return on investment.

Getting Results from Web Analytics

Getting the results you need from web analytics requires consistent analysis. For some organizations quarterly reports are sufficient, while others may require monthly, or even weekly reports to achieve their goals. Remember, content that works today can quickly become outdated or stale. You need to know when that happens. With web analytics, you will.

The Need for Qualitative Data

Clickstream data is essential in web analytics, but you must collect qualitative data as well as quantitative data. Quantitative data tells you what happens on your website, but qualitative data enables you to determine why it happens. Qualitative data can come from various sources such as user interviews, usability tests, and surveys. Surveys provide some of the best qualitative information and are the easiest to obtain. The questions asked can be as simple as:

  • Why did you come here today?
  • Were you able to do what you wanted to do?
  • If not, why?

Analyzing Your Competitors

Analyzing your own website is great, but you also need competitive data about your competitors’ websites. Web analytics can provide valuable information.

The Analytical Cycle

Analyzing your website is a constant process if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Below is a picture of this process. It begins with measuring, ends with improving, and then begins all over again. Commit yourself to this process and watch your business grow.

The Analytical Cycle - Measure, Analyze, Change, Test, Improve

Internet Marketing Can Pay Big Dividends

Masterpiece Studioz will help you select the Internet marketing tools that will give you the greatest ROI. Such a strategy is typically based on social media, pay-per-click, and email marketing. We offer marketing solutions with measurable results. Masterpiece Studioz can also help you build your brand.

An Effective Social Media Program

Building relationships is crucial when it comes to marketing your brand, as well as your products and services. Social media enables you to stay in touch with customers and prospects through interactive approaches. A social media program typically involves Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. It’s not hard to do, but it does require a commitment. Those organizations with the know-how and the commitment, are obtaining excellent results.

Email Marketing That Works

Email marketing works best with those folks with whom some type of relationship has been established. These can be people who have signed up for your blog, email newsletter, or are established customers. The success of a campaign can be established through the use web analytics. Masterpiece Studioz can help you create and monitor the program to ensure a solid ROI.

Make Money Through Online, Organic Click and Pay Per Click Advertising

Online advertising, also known as pay per click, reaches prospects when they are actively seeking your products or services. When done right it increases relevant traffic to your website and can be extremely cost effective. Masterpiece Studioz can monitor your results so you know what advertising is producing the best ROI. Online advertising often involves testing different key words to determine what works best. By testing and analyzing various ways of using pay per click advertising, you’ll know which strategies are producing the best results.

Online advertising is particularly valuable when your site is new and is not yet generating significant “organic search hits.” With organic search your prospects are finding your site through key word searches using Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Many organizations significantly cut back on their online advertising once they are achieving their marketing goals through organic search. Masterpiece Studioz can assist you in developing your online advertising program and can guide you through the process of cutting back as your organic search increases.

Online advertising is also useful in building brand awareness.

Web Branding

Many organizations with less than one hundred employees, fail to intentionally build their brand. Without intention and Web savvy a great opportunity is missed. You do have a brand, and that brand can be neutral or negative, but rarely will it be positive and have recognition without real effort. Web branding almost always involves utilizing social media, email marketing, a pay-per-click and organic Web presence, blogging, and media relations. Masterpiece Studioz can help your organization create effective branding through your Web presence.

Internet Marketing—Pulling It All Together

We’ll put a comprehensive program together for you and keep you up to date on what is working best. No more guessing – you’ll know what’s working and what’s not. This is where the testing capabilities of web analytics can prevent you from continuing to invest in something that is not working for you, and putting more money into what is.

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